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The Ushant and Molene archipelago the iroise islands Ushant and Molène are a must see destination for one day from Le Conquet (by boats) just a few minutes from the hotel du Large.

Explore the most famous footpath of Brittany. The long distance footpath GR® 34 is a legendary hiking trail along the coast of Brittany.
Discover the so-called “path of custom officers” from hotel du Large.
It will provide breath-taking views over the sea.

Discover the local fauna and flora of the Iroise Sea in the marine park. During a trip out to sea with ARCHIPEL EXCURSIONS. Excursions you will be fascinated by, seals or seabirds.

The fishing port LE CONQUET, will enable you to meet picturesque people back from fishing in the afternoon or when selling fish and shellfish directly, the wealth of local gastronomy.